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  • How can I be notified when something is back in stock?
    Please select 'Notify when Available' on the product page to receive notifications. We also send notifications and reminders regarding stock availability via our newsletter.
  • Is Cornish Gouda suitable for vegetarians?
    Cornish Gouda a produced using traditional rennet which is not suitable for vegetarians. Occasionally we produce small batches using a vegetarian rennet, but this will be clearly identified on our website if available.
  • Is the wax edible?
    The thin layer of wax which coats the cheese should be removed prior to consumption. This wax layer will vary between a bright yellow and golden brown colour depending on the age of the cheese.
  • Can I pre-order?
    We aren't able to take pre-orders if an item is out of stock. Please sign up to our newsletter to receive notifications and reminders regarding stock availability.
  • Where do you deliver to?
    Under the current circumstances we are only able to ship to Mainland UK. Unfortunately, we are not shipping to Northern Ireland.
  • When will my order arrive?
    We will make every effort to ensure that your order is delivered within 3-5 working days of purchase date.
  • How will my order arrive?
    All slices of Cornish Gouda will arrive packaged in a vacuum bag to ensure that the cheese stays fresher for longer. These will be enclosed within a suitable parcel box.
  • How should I store my cheese?
    We recommend storing your cheese in the fridge within an air-tight container between 0-5°C
  • What is Gouda?
    Gouda is the name of a method of cheesemaking.
  • Can you call it Gouda?
    Yes! Contrary to popular belief, the name ‘Gouda’ is not protected and can be produced anywhere in the world since it refers to the method of making.
  • Is the cheese pasteurized?
    All of our cheeses are made using low pasteurized milk.
  • Where is the cheese made?
    All of our cheeses are hand made by our expert cheesemakers within our production rooms here at Talvan Farm, Cornwall.
  • Do you have a physical shop?
    Not yet. Currently we are a working farm and manufacturing site only. Our cheeses can be purchased online or from one of our many stockists.
  • Can I visit the factory?
    We do not offer factory or farm tours due to health and safety/hygiene restrictions. You will find us at foodie events, markets and shows across the UK.
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